Protect yourself from malicious software

Don't let Virus' and Worms compromise your computer. Once your computer is infected, your data and your personal information may be at risk. You can download FREE antivirus software from AVG here.

The fastest growing threat on the internet today is Spyware. This category of software is designed to take control of your computer and has many different functions:

Keyloggers are designed to spy on you and send usernames, passwords, web activity, etc to a remote user.

SPAM Engines are programs which use your computer to send spam out to thousands of email addresses.

BOT's are programs used by hackers to take over many computers and direct them to attack their next victim.

There are many free programs out there to help you, Windows Defender integrates with the operating system to help keep you safe. If your computer is already infected, you can download Malware Bytes anti-malware software to help get you up and running. If you have any questions regarding these, or other solutions, just ask.