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Spyware and virus infections are the most common problems affecting the average computer. Not only are they extremely frustrating, they can pose a severe threat. Identity thieves no longer have to wade through trash to find information they can use. It's extremely important to protect yourself from these threats. Fortunately, there are a good number of free programs available, some better than others.

If you're not protected, it's only a matter of time before something bad happens. Also, it's not enough to just download a few programs and hope that they do their job. People need to inform themselves or get training on how to properly maintain their computers and keep them secure.

With all of this focus on spyware and viruses, people often neglect other key aspects of their computers. The reliability of computers has given most people a false sense of security. Backing up your data is another critical function that most people forget to do. With the advent of digital cameras, people store many more photos on their computers. Gone are the days of storing negatives in a shoebox if you need to reprint pictures.

Computers cost so little today, isn't it worth a small investment to make sure your data is secure? If you are a student, how much work have you put into that thesis? Try to imagine what you would do if you lost all of your data and you'll understand just how important it is to back everything up.

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