A Simple Guide to Posting in our Forum

A forum is nothing more than a bulletin board. It allows you to post comments or questions in a public arena. When you create a post, our system alerts us so we can address your concerns as quickly as possible.

Once you have logged in you'll see a series of icons. In the box to the right you'll see the most common icons from the forum.

The first icon is simply a folder. It is used for organization. The main forum currently has two of these folders, one for hardware issues and one for software issues. If you have a problem with a printer you would click on the hardware link next to that folder.

If there is a new post or a reply to a post in one of these folders, it will have the little star burst emblem on the folder. You can go into that topic and view any new entries.

We constantly monitor these forums and when an issue has been resolved, we lock the topic. When we do this a small lock emblem is put on the folder. You can view entries, but you can't post new ones.

The New Topic icon lets you create a topic specifically for your issue. You'll need to enter a subject and whatever information you can give us to help resolve the problem. After we have responded to your issue, you might want to add additional info. Click the Add Reply icon to respond back in this topic. The Attach icon allows you to attach a file, such as a picture to the post.

That's all there is to it! Now, Let's go to the forum.


Forum Topic Folder

New Forum Topic

Locked Forum Topic

Post Related Icons